MaxG PhotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation

Treatment of Skin Pigment and Blood Vessels (PhotoFacial)

The Cynosure ICON MAX G™ IPL photofacial harnesses the power of light to remove broken blood vessels on the face, redness caused by rosacea, and pigmentation caused by sun damage. This procedure is commonly referred to as a PhotoFacial. With no downtime to recover and only one session usually needed, IPL treatment provides an effective solution for even the busiest of New Yorkers. For our PhotoFacial we use The Cynosure ICON MAX G™ IPL, a powerful device that uses a unique filter on the IPL light focusing its energy on treating vessels and pigment without putting normal skin at risk.  The procedure should only be performed under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist, ensuring efficacy and safety.

The Cynosure ICON MAX G™ IPL treats:

  • Treatment of sun spots and skin discoloration
  • Treatment of broken blood vessels
  • Rosacea Treatment


photofacial pigment treatment

Treatment of sun spots and skin discoloration Before and After

photofacial treatment of blood vessels

Treatment of broken blood vessels Before and After

Photofacial treatment of Rosacea

Photofacial Treatment of Uneven Skin Tone Before and After

Cynosure ICON MAX G™ IPL is a photofacial that offers treatment for broken blood vessels, and reverses the effects of sun damage. Generally, the procedure only requires one session to show positive results, and presents no risk to skin health. It is one of the most effective skin pigmentation treatment methods available. At Dermatology and Laser Group, our technicians are all licensed and comprehensively trained to perform this procedure.

  • If you are looking for a procedure that treats wrinkles as well as skin discoloration, check out the new PicoSure Focus Treatment, the most technologically advanced skin rejuvenation laser in the world.

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Dermatology and Laser Group Testimonials

Came here to see Dr. Akhavan and the experience from start to finish was more than I could hope for. From the moment I booked the appointment I could tell the office is extremely well organized and thoughtful towards their patients’ needs…
Doug R., ( Via Yelp )
I cannot recommend Dr. Akhavan’s practice enough. Dr. Akhavan answers all my questions, no matter how dumb. Unlike my last dermatologist, I felt that they listened to me and allowed me to have input on decisions regarding my health care…
Patricia O., ( Via Yelp )
Dr Akhavan is an outstanding dermatologist. I went in for a skin check and he discovered an abnormal mole. Note that I was 8 months pregnant at the time…
Anda B., ( Via Yelp )
Dr. Akhavan came highly recommended by my close friend and colleague. Although I trust my friend’s word, I still checked the doc out on Yelp. As of today, Dr. Akhavan only has FIVE STAR reviews and you know what? Everything everyone says about him is true!…
Helen L., ( Via Yelp )
Dr. Akhavan was prompt, courteous and informative. I went on the day of snowpocalypse 2014. It didn’t matter, the doctor and his staff were in the office ready for my visit…
Radoslav A., ( Verified ZocDoc Patient )

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