8 Celebrities that Do Laser Hair Removal

Most professions require you to look presentable and respect certain social standards. Hair, makeup, clothes — everything on you should be in accordance with the standards of your workplace.

In a way, we believe that being a celebrity is also a profession. Considering that everyone knows you, you need to be on your best behavior 24/7. Not only that — you also need to look your finest all the time. The fact is that you never know who’s filming or taking photos — everyone has a quality smartphone these days.

Probably everyone’s worst moment caught on camera is a day before the waxing appointment. Being that you don’t want leaked photos of you looking like the man’s banana loving ancestor, it’s only clever to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

We believe that a celebrity’s timetable makes it impossible to schedule waxing or to shave between photoshoots for instance. It just sounds ridiculous. For that reason, more and more celebrities are turning to laser hair removal. We have a list of people that already had laser hair removal treatments — and we bet you’ll recognize all of them.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian prefers laser hair removal

Someone who’s under the spotlight as much as Kim K really doesn’t have time to wait for her hair to grow out so she can get it waxed. Considering that she is always on camera, it’s not like she can take a day off.

Unlike some celebrities who had laser hair removal, Kim speaks about her experience openly. As a matter of fact, the entire Kardashian family discussed the hair removal subject on camera.

As far as Kim goes, she likes to be hairless. Therefore, the list of skin areas that Kim has put under the laser is quite extensive. For starters, she had her legs, arms, armpits, and the bikini area done. Interestingly enough, she also had laser hair removal treatments on her neck and forehead.

As Kim says, she’s Armenian. As Kim says herself, being Armenian usually means that you need to put in an extra effort in waxing. However, it’s nothing that some laser hair removal sessions in NYC or elsewhere can’t fix.

When she’s nostalgic, Kim sometimes regrets that she had her baby hairs removed from her forehead. As she claims, those tiny baby locks made her look young. So, according to her example, just make sure you’re ready to part from your hair forever before setting up an appointment.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigan in black and yellow dress

If you love a woman with an attitude, you simply must appreciate someone like Chrissy Teigen. Although she became famous thanks to her modeling career, it’s her personality that made us fall in love with her.

Chances are that Chrissy’s sass is probably what made John Legend so crazy about her. Well, the sass and the fact that she’s a memorable beauty with perfectly smooth skin.

Much like Kim, Chrissy also doesn’t have a problem with talking about her preferences when it comes to hair removal methods. As a matter of fact, she recently thanked her favorite salon for making sure that her skin is hair-free. If the salon messed up, we would all know — Chrissy was on a red carpet with a seriously high-cut slit.

Venessa Hudgens

vanessa hudgens

When you’re as busy as Venessa Hudgens, it’s simply impossible to decide against laser hair removal. She’s not only a signer but also an actress. The number of shows, performances, and appearances Venessa does must be overwhelming.

For that reason, she decided to make her life eaiser and remove unwanted hair with laser treatments. I believe that a person responsible for Venessa’s schedule was quite relieved after this.

Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner is also a big fan of laser hair removal sessions

Years before, we met Kylie as Kim’s little sister. For a long time, Kylie was just a child in a very popular reality show. However, the past couple of years changed the way the public sees her.

Today, Kylie is a self-made billionaire. This twenty-one-year-fold grew up on camera and obviously picked up a few business tricks — Kylie now owns her cosmetics company. Considering her success, boring activities like waxing treatments seem really time-consuming.

Like her older sister, Kylie too removes her hair with the laser. However, unlike Kim, she’s not that open about what areas are completely smooth and hair-free.

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Alysa Milano isn’t only an actress with a successful career. This powerful professional is also someone who always stands up for women. If you pay attention to Alyssa’s social media profiles, you’ll see how strongly-opinionated and well-informed she is.

Alyssa too doesn’t like having to go back to the waxing salon every couple of weeks. As a role model, she does her best to always look like a million dollars. There’s simply no room for unwanted hair there.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Like Kim and Kylie, Khloe too prefers not to think about unwanted hair. However, she’s definitely more like Kim regarding the subject. Much like her, Khloe doesn’t have a problem with going into fine detail.

However, unlike Kim, who prefers to be completely hairless, Khloe likes leaving something to the imagination. Therefore, Khloe’s hair in the bikini area isn’t completely gone. As she says herself, Khloe always leaves a landing strip.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

A fashion icon such as Victoria Beckham simply can’t leave anything to chance. It’s not only that an icon shouldn’t, but it’s Victoria that we’re talking about. We think it’s a known fact that she’s in control.

Interestingly enough, it’s Eva Longoria that advised Victoria to stop using other hair removal methods. It’s because of Eva’s advice that Victoria turned to laser treatments.

Kanye West

kanye west seen leaving a laser hair removal clinic

Although there are only whispers and rumors about Kanye, he was seen with Kim leaving a laser hair clinic. Either way, the gossip always starts someplace. After all, all couples start to look alike after a while. It’s only natural that you adopt your partner’s vocabulary, mimics, and — beautifying habits.

Laser hair removal treatments don’t belong to the female population only. In fact, there’s no reason for guys not to do it too. It’s an efficient, practical, and fast solution to make unwanted hair disappear.

The bottom line is that permanent laser hair removal opens up more room in your busy schedule whether you’re a celebrity or not. When you have one less thing to think about, you can use the time in a more creative way.

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