Avoiding Adult Acne Through Lifestyle Changes & Skincare Regime

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Adult acne is more common than you might think — a quarter of all men, and 50 percent of women, have battled acne during adulthood, even some celebrities! If your fight against this common inflammatory skin disease is still ongoing, you’ll want to know what’s causing the acne. Most importantly, you will want to know what you can do about it.

What Causes Adult Acne?

Adult acne — defined as acne after the age of 25 — strikes when a cascade of factors line up. This inflammatory skin disease is highly hormone-dependent, which explains why it is much more common in women of reproductive age, who will notice that acne flareups tend to synchronize themselves with the menstrual cycle. Stress is another important cause of adult acne; bad news, because stress levels have been on the rise.

Sometimes, however, acne can be caused by something as simple as using the wrong skincare and hair products. Pore-clogging cosmetics can lead to breakouts immediately or over time. Similarly, dietary choices play a huge role in getting your acne under control.

In some cases, acne is caused by prescription medications. Because you have to take them to protect your health, the solution is more challenging in this case.

What Can You Do to Avoid Adult Acne?

The good news? You are not powerless in the face of adult acne. By taking proactive steps, it is possible to get the acne under control and to enjoy flawless skin once again.

Low Glycemic-Index Diet

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Try if a low glycemic-index diet works for you. High in healthy foods like vegetables and whole grains, this type of diet keeps your blood sugar levels steady. Low GI diets aren’t just for people with diabetes; research has shown that they also suppress acne.

Reduce Stress

The steps you take to reduce your stress levels will also reduce your acne. Carving out more quality time to recharge those batteries and engage in activities you enjoy is one of the best ways to de-stress, but getting enough sleep also plays a big role.

Try An Over-the-counter Product

Whether or not you had acne as a teen, skincare options have evolved since that time. People with adult acne who are looking for over-the-counter options can try oil-free and non-comedogenic skincare products, especially those that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Get The Care That You Need

These “DIY” adult acne treatments are often sufficient on their own — especially when combined with common-sense steps like always removing makeup before bed, and keeping your cellphone, which touches your face throughout the day, clean.

Sometimes, however, a dermatologist’s help is needed. Prescription antibiotics, acne facials, retinoids, and in the most stubborn cases, tretinoin (Accutane) can liberate you from your acne. Your dermatologist can work with you to determine which skincare products are best suited for your skin, and can also, where necessary, remove deep acne scars to give you your beautiful skin back.

It’s never necessary to simply accept the acne — safe and effective acne scar treatments are available. Countless adults battle acne, but it’s a fight you can win.

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