Beginner’s Guide: Choosing A Dermatologist In NYC

Choosing the top dermatologist NYC

Your guide to finding the best dermatologist in New York

In the big city of New York, it might feel overwhelming when you’re looking for a dermatologist. It’s important to have a doctor who can help you with a rash, mole, or even with tattoo removal. Before you make an appointment and go for your first visit, take a look at this beginner’s guide to choosing the best dermatologist in NYC for your specific needs. This guide will also help you learn what to expect and how to make your choice.

Medical vs Cosmetic Dermatologist

There are two types of dermatology: medical and cosmetic. Medical dermatologists, otherwise known as general dermatologists, are able to treat all medical conditions like acne, rashes, rosacea and so on. They will also perform exams for moles and can help with thinning hair and anti-aging prescriptions. Try to visit a medical dermatologist once a year to be sure your skin is healthy.

If you’re looking to solve a problem like deep wrinkles, scars, or discoloration, a cosmetic dermatologist will help with anything requiring a peel, injection, or laser. These dermatologists work primarily with Botox and other procedures and are the perfect people to visit for any aesthetic issues. If you’re not sure about the procedure you need, do some research on the practice or facility’s website or blog. You can read infographics like this one about choosing between facelifts and fillers.

However, remember that there are dermatologists who are able to practice both medical and cosmetic dermatology. This is because most dermatology programs have the same cosmetic education, with medical dermatologists receiving specialized training later on. So, be sure to check which procedures your dermatologist performs most often.

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

It’s stressful to visit a doctor for the first time. You need to be sure you bring the right documents, have the right information and know all the information your dermatologist NYC will need. Before you visit, be sure you’re prepared.

When to Visit?

New York dermatology can seem confusing, but it’s best to build your relationships with your dermatologist early. There’s always a chance that you may experience problems in the future and with the sun in Manhattan during the summer, skin problems can never be ruled out. Your dermatologist can also help you with any specific skin conditions like psoriasis for instance, or assist with an anti-aging routine.

Find a Doctor

You could just walk around Manhattan to find the perfect doctor for you, but a better use of your time would be checking on websites online. Search for your doctor based on their specialty online, or ask your friends too – personal insight can narrow down your search quickly. You should also look into their specific expertise with the treatments that interest you.

Check Your Doctor

To find a top NYC dermatologist, be sure to check out any bios. Doctors will normally have one on their practice’s website. So, look to see that they are certified from the American Academy of Dermatology and read on to be sure of what they specialize in. Someone who names treatments is more experienced in those practices than someone who says they’re generally good at everything.

What to Bring

A dermatologist is just like any other doctor, so be sure to have your medical history available when you visit. The more information you have, the easier it will be for you. Know all of your medications, as well and all the products you currently use on your skin. Any information can be relevant, so don’t be shy about sharing.

Before You Leave

This may seem obvious, but don’t wear any makeup before your appointment. Your dermatologist will want to see clean skin. Clear up any nail polish too, so they can check out your nails and in addition, try to wear loose-fitting clothing. This will make it much easier for your doctor to check out any section of your skin.

Questions to Ask

Write down your list of questions before going to your dermatologist. It may seem simple to think of questions on the spot, but there are so many things you may forget about as soon as you’re with your new york dermatologist. A list of questions will help you ask about specific issues, but also remember to prioritize them by their importance.

If you’re getting a procedure done or have a specific problem, ask about how often your dermatologist performs that certain procedure, or deals with your problem a day. Ask if they rent their lasers too, since renting means that they don’t use it very often.

Before a laser procedure, be sure you know who’s doing the actual treatment. Some New York dermatology practices say they’ll supervise while a technician does it, but you want someone hands-on.

What to Expect

Dermatologists see all sorts of patients, so rest assured that they know what to do when you enter for your appointment. With your list of questions in one hand and your medical history in the other, you’re prepared – but what should you expect?

Skin Cancer Screening

This is usually a fundamental part of any dermatologist visit, so don’t be alarmed. It’ll take around ten minutes and will allow your dermatologist to inspect all the areas of your skin to be sure you’re completely healthy. Once you’re finished, your dermatologist will give you some information on how to do simple checks for skin cancer at home.

Skin Care Routine

Talk to your doctor – they’ll want to know everything about what you’re doing to care for your skin, including what products you use and at what time. Their professional knowledge will allow them to match treatment to your skin care needs more efficiently.

Future Goals

Dermatologists want to help you improve your skin over time and are set to help you with your skin care goals. If one of your goals is anti-aging, they’re ready to share ingredients and products that may help and that will work best with your skincare routine. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions and clarify any concerns while you’re talking.


New York and Midtown dermatology may appear confusing at first glance, especially when you’re concerned about choosing the right dermatologist from the many options available. This guide is meant to simplify that process by providing you with all the information you need on choosing a doctor, what questions to ask and what to expect on your first visit. Now all you have to do is contact us and make your appointment.

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