Newly FDA Approved Dermal Filler for Jawline Contouring

young man getting jawline injection from doctor

There are a lot of hacks out there that will help you create the illusion of a sculpted jawline from intense contouring to complicated exercises. However, if you are seeking a more permanent solution that will give you refined results, Juvederm products are worth considering. Of all of the recent breakthroughs in cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Akhavan agrees that FDA-approved fillers offer the best results in terms of aesthetic jaw sculpting treatment.

Can Juvederm Injections Help Improve Your Jawline?

What makes Juvederm injectables unique is they are the first line of fillers that feature a hyaluronic acid base. The benefit of JUVÉDERM® VOLUX™ XC specifically, is that the hyaluronic acid base targets the jawline without radically altering the surrounding area. 

According to Dr. Akhavan, one of the primary concerns many of his prospective jawline patients have is how filler will affect their overall lower face aesthetics. With Juvederm cheek fillers and various other relevant facial treatments & products, he is able to offer at his practice a broader range of options to address their concerns and give men and women a more contoured, attractive jawline.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid and How Can It Help for Facial Aesthetics?

Volux, like various other Juvederm products such as the popular JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC, has been formulated with hyaluronic acid to help create a defined and chiseled jawline through an expert application. Hyaluronic acid is a form of dermal filler, similar to many others on the market. Some key differences set hyaluronic acid apart, however. Specifically, hyaluronic acid offers more lift capacity, cohesivity, and structure.

The result, according to Dr. Akhavan, is that it will give patients a jawline that is more defined or chiseled without drastically affecting the surrounding tissues. Volux has a firmer structure which allows for better targeting and an overall more natural aesthetic.

How Does Volux Work?

Dr. Akhavan explains that Volux works in a similar way to any other filler. The hyaluronic acid filler will typically be injected along the jawline deep into the bone. Depending on a client’s desired outcome, it may also be injected into the bone of the chin. The result is a more highly defined chin or jawline once the filler has settled. Volux offers structural support to the face which helps to contour the jaw giving a more lifted appearance.

Is Juvederm Safe?

Juvederm is FDA approved, and the most recent addition to their filler line, Volux, received approval in August of 2022. When properly administered, jawline fillers are safe and effective. Like any cosmetic procedure, there is an inherent risk of bodily rejection or an allergic reaction to the filler itself, though rare.

Typical side effects include short-term tenderness in the injection site, mild bruising, temporary swelling or skin irritation. These side effects generally fade within 2 weeks once the skin and bone have had a chance to recover from the procedure.

Who Can Use Volux? How Long Does it Last?

If you are interested in altering your jawline, Dr. Akhavan is always available for a one-on-consultation. Anyone over the age of 21 is able to use Volux fillers to attain jawline or chin definition. People who are allergic to lidocaine or other gram-positive bacterial proteins should consider other options. Botox is another common method used to help gain definition in the jawline.

Chin augmentation and neck liposuction can also be effective in helping to give definition along the lower face. However, those not interested in a highly invasive procedure may prefer fillers such as Volux, dermal fillers, or fat removal injections such as Kybella. There are various considerations for which products, fillers, and treatments should be included in your treatment program, such as the area(s) on your face you wish to target.

In most patients, the results of Volux injections are instantaneous and will remain noticeable for a minimum of six months. With proper care and maintenance, the results can last as long as a year and a half. 

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