Fair, Straightforward, and Upfront Pricing

We are happy to announce our new simple fee-for-service payment structure. As high deductible and co-insurance plans have become more common the number one complaint (practically the only complaint) we hear from our patients is the unpredictable and sometimes outrageous bills they receive as determined by their insurance company plans (something we have zero say over). Health insurance is great and necessary to cover costly medical expenses, but for simple dermatology visits and procedures it is in our opinion a very broken system that is getting worse yearly. On our end we are spending countless hours and great resources dealing with billing issues- not something we have any interest in! We want to focus on what we do best- providing amazing service and results for our patients!

You were unhappy. We were unhappy. Time for a change.

Below you will find extremely fair and very straightforward pricing for our non-cosmetic services.

New Patient Visit:

$200 with Dr. Arash Akhavan

$150 with Tatiana Cellini PA-C

Established Patient Visit:

$100 with Dr. Arash Akhavan

$75 with Tatiana Cellini PA-C

Additional Procedures

SkinIO Advanced Digital Mole-Mapping and Dermoscopy Skin Cancer Screening:


Biopsy/Shave Removal/Skin Tag Removal:


Cortisone Injection:


Acne Surgery:


Liquid Nitrogen (“Freezing”)/Electrodesiccation (“Burning”):


Destruction of Squamous/Basal Cell Carcinoma:


Incision and Drainage of Abscess or Cyst:


Surgical Excision With Sutures:

$500+ Depending on size and complexity of repair

Allergy Patch Testing:


*Good News- We are happy to provide a bill to submit to your insurance plan for you to be reimbursed if you have out of network coverage.

**More Good News- Lab fees can get expensive and they are determined by outside laboratories that we have no affiliation with. Luckily all outside lab fees, pathology fees, diagnostic tests, and referrals may be covered by your insurance as per your regular insurance company participation and rules.

We are making changes that are mutually beneficial and allow us both to focus on what is most important in our office- giving you the best service and results possible!