Five SculpSure™ Success Stories That We Love

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Up to a couple of years ago, cosmetic surgery was booming. We heard countless stories from people who have taken drastic measures in order to look their best. It seems that we had just gotten used to liposuction, tummy tuck, breast enhancement, body contouring in NYC and similar surgical procedures when something new emerged and stole the glory.

If you are thinking of non-invasive procedures, you are right. In the past decade, procedures have become increasingly popular among people of various genders, ages, and nationalities.

People love non-invasive treatments for a good reason; there is minimal or no downtime, unlike with cosmetic surgery. Although effective, surgery includes both painful and lengthy recovery. You don’t have to go through that with non-invasive procedures.

So, naturally, people have become more and more interested in non-invasive procedures that could help them achieve their dream bodies. One such procedure is SculpSure – a non-invasive body sculpting system that requires no downtime. Many people wonder if body sculpting will work for them.

Still, many people remain suspicious and find it hard to commit. That is mainly because, unlike with cosmetic surgery, we don’t have as many success stories regarding the procedure. People love to hear honest and detailed experiences of those who have tried a new procedure, so that they could have something to fall back on, like a guarantee.

The truth is that there are numerous SculpSure success stories; they just aren’t as widely advertised as those in regard to liposuction or CoolSculpting, for example.

Here are five SculpSure success stories that will help you understand how non-invasive body sculpting works and what results you can expect.

1.   Jordana

Jordana is an average-sized woman; she leads a healthy lifestyle, eats well, exercises, but she isn’t really “bikini ready.” Like all women, she has body parts that she would love to alter, but she dreads surgery. So, when she heard of SculpSure, she became interested.

Her first session was accompanied with minor discomfort; still, she was able to check her emails and use social media during the procedure. She was unable to see any results in the next three/four weeks. However, around her second session, she noticed that most of her clothes fitted much better. Also, she felt no discomfort whatsoever during the second session, as she already lost a lot of fat during the first session.

All in all, Jordana is very satisfied with SculpSure, but she points out that you need to be patient, and that body sculpting isn’t a quick fix or a way to lose weight.

2. Devin

Devin is a normal-looking man who had been exercising and eating healthy for years but still had some stubborn fat around his belly. He decided to try SculpSure to get rid of his love handles and flanks once and for all.

After six weeks, Devin came in for a second SculpSure session. Even before the second procedure, he noticed significant improvements in his belly. He was very satisfied with the new shape of his body and said that he was looking forward to the summer season. Two sessions were more than enough for Devin to finally rid himself of stubborn belly fat.

3. Elise

Elise is someone who puts a lot of thought into the way she looks. She leads a balanced lifestyle and strives to look her best at all times. However, even eight years after having a baby, there was a little pouch on her lower abdomen that she couldn’t get rid of. She tried working out, compression garments, dieting, etc. but nothing worked.

When she heard of SculpSure, Elise wanted to try it instantly. She decided to treat her lower abdomen and flanks during her first session. Each area was treated for 25 minutes, and Elise stated that she quickly felt discomfort in both areas. In her words, the pain was similar to menstrual cramps followed by heat.

Apart from some redness and tenderness, she felt nothing after the session ended. She even went to the gym the next day. After 12 weeks, only when the doctor showed her the before and after pictures did she realize how much fat she had lost. Excited to see final results, she went in for another session.

4. Kristy

After having three children, Kristy noticed the effects her pregnancies had left on her body. No matter how much she exercised, she couldn’t do anything about the fat on her belly. When she went to a beach party with her friends, her confidence sank, and she felt very uncomfortable in her skin.

After the agonizing event and a long consultation with a doctor, Kristy decided to try SculpSure. Both her lower and upper belly were treated during the first session. After a couple of weeks, she noticed that the quality of her skin had improved; there was less fat, and her skin was visibly smoother. It really made a huge difference to her.

5. Raj

Even though Raj initially had his doubts about the procedure, he decided to try SculpSure on his flanks and abdomen. After seven or eight weeks, he noticed that his pants and belt became loose.

What attracted Raj the most was the convenience of SculpSure; he didn’t want to waste time on lengthy procedures that include much downtime. He is satisfied with the results and glad that he went through SculpSure procedures which only took him two hours in total.

SculpSure Treatment at The Dermatology & Laser Group

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