Our Most Advanced Innovation Yet – The Vampire Laser™

PRP Facial in New York

Having the perfect skin is something that we all dream of having. But alas, genetics and heredity play an important factor in the formation of our skin.

If your family is known for having dry, patchy skin or acne-prone skin, there’s a high likelihood that you may be dealing with it too.

Changing your diet, eating right and drinking plenty of water can help improve your skin problems significantly but it does not give you the same effects!

While we all wish we had flawless skin, it seems like a far-fetched dream…or is it?

Vampire Laser™ For Your Vampire Facial In NYC

Now’s your chance to have perfect skin! If you’re tired after trying different beauty regimes and skin care products, only for it to not be effective, then the vampire laser treatment is the perfect solution!

Hearing about cosmetic surgeries gone wrong and finding images on the internet where people end up looking like the Jigsaw Killer from the SAW series can be terrifying. But there are non-invasive procedures and treatments that do not use surgical tools or injections but give you better results than those found in magazines!

Vampire laser treatment is one these treatments! It is one of the best options if you are considering doing a vampire facelift in New York, NY.

How Does it Work?

First, our dermatologist book you an appointment. During this appointment, we take a look at your medical history and make you fill out a questionnaire where we ask you medical-related questions.

After this, we design a treatment plan for you. It is important that you stop taking any blood-thinning medicine before your treatment. Also, consult your physician.

The vampire laser treatment is effective because it uses the plasma from your own blood to design a product for your treatment—hence the name!

Therefore, it is a specialized treatment that only works for you and is especially designed for you!

We use your blood to design concentrated platelets and tissue-building elements. The vampire laser treatment can also be used on the forehead, wrinkles and the fine lines near the corners of your mouth. It is used to tighten and rejuvenate your skin. You can even have it applied to your neck to make it firm! A special pen is used to perform the procedure and penetrates the skin for a long-lasting effect!

At The Dermatology and Laser Group, we hire leading dermatologists in New York City. The facility is headed by Dr. Arash Akhavan, MD, FAAD; he is an award-winning dermatologist who has vast knowledge and years of experience in the field of dermatology.

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