Who is the ideal candidate for Botox?

mom and daughter sitting happily together

When assessing whether or not you are ready for, or in need of Botox, you may be wondering what an ideal candidate for this type of treatment may be. Candidates for Botox include patients who have dynamic wrinkle lines at rest (lines that appear due to facial movements and expressions), or preventively in patients with dynamic lines when making facial expressions, but who may not yet have those lines at rest.

Other, less obvious patients that qualify for the treatment include patients who are looking for slight facial slimming, hold tension or clench their jaw, and patients who have excessive sweating that interferes with work, or social interactions and activities. Lastly, other candidates may include patients with facial asymmetry, muscle spasms, or migraines for more than 15 days out of the month.

If you have:

WRINKLES: Deep set lines on the face above the brow or around the eyes from years of making facial expressions can be softened or reversed slowly over time with consistent botox use

PREVENTATIVE WRINKLES: If you notice your makeup starting to crease and settle into your facial lines, or that “frown” line between your brows is starting to stay put once you are no longer frowning, you are a candidate!

TMJ: Patients with TMJ can experience dental pain, discomfort or pain when chewing, and clicking or lockjaw. Botox can be injected into the masseter to temporarily weaken these muscles to prevent clenching and relieve pain and discomfort,  with the added side benefit of facial slimming!

FACIAL ASYMMETRY: Everyone has facial asymmetry to some degree, nobody is perfectly symmetrical! Botox can help temporarily fix the asymmetry for patients looking for a more symmetric appearance, this can be something as simple as raising one eyebrow to match the other!

MUSCLE SPASMS: Patients who experience neck spasm or facial twitches may also benefit from temporarily weakening these muscles

HYPERHIDROSIS: A condition that can be quite limiting on work and social life, patients who experience hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating on the palms, forehead, and underarms, and have not had any luck with over the counter or prescription antiperspirants, are ideal for this treatment, as we can help paralyze those sweat glands for 3-4 months using Botox, patients who have hyperhidrosis can benefit in terms of quality of life/more positive social interactions.

In short, anyone over the age of 18, who is not pregnant, or allergic to botox is technically a candidate for the injectable! Of course, is it always important to see a board certified Dermatologist to fully assess whether or not you are ready to begin these treatments. Keep in mind, the effects of Botox only last about 3-4 months, so when you do decide to take the leap, be sure that this is something you would like to commit to for years to come! 

To learn more about our Botox treatment at The Dermatology and Laser Group, see the link below: https://dermatologyandlasergroup.com/face-and-neck-procedures/botox-nyc/