EmSella for Female Urinary Incontinence Treatment

If you experience involuntary urine leakage, then EmSella could help. EmSella is a revolutionary device that allows for non-invasive urinary incontinence treatment in women. It works by sending electromagnetic waves to the pelvic floor muscles, which induces thousands of muscular contractions. These muscles can become weak and inefficient over time, which causes leakage and bladder problems. With EmSella, you don’t have to do Kegel exercises to experience relief. The technology basically gives the pelvic floor muscles an intense workout for you in about 30 minutes.

You do not have to undress for EmSella treatment. It is completely non-invasive. Many patients are seeing an improved quality of life after undergoing EmSella. If you’d like to book a consultation with us, click here or call (212) 444-8204 today!


EmSella is ideal for women of any age who have problems with urine leakage and have any form of incontinence including urge incontinence, stress incontinence, overflow incontinence and functional incontinence.

In total you will need about 6 treatment sessions over a three week time period. Two sessions per week.

It is the same level of pain as doing an intense workout. There will be some tingling in the pelvic floor muscles. The sensations should be tolerable for anyone. You will be able to continue your daily activities immediately after treatment.

You could see improvements after just one session. There will be greater progress as you follow through your treatment plan over the coming weeks.