Hormone Replacement Therapy in New York, NY

With age it is normal to see declines in both testosterone and estrogen.  Hormones play a vital role in both our general health as well as our appearance, making Hormone Replacement Therapy highly sought after by our patients in New York City. Our skin, brain, heart, reproductive organs, bones, and more, are adversely effected as our hormones go out of balance.

For our NYC patients we offer the advantage of Hormone Replacement Therapy using the Biote Pellet Method.  This is a procedure that offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) using hormones that are compounded to be identical to those produced by your body naturally. Your body therefore recognizes these hormones and utilizes them to your benefit in the same exact way it would use hormones produced by your body naturally.

Benefits Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Energy, Mood and Metabolism

patient has testosterone replacement therapy

Patients on HRT have reported increased energy, improved mood, improved sleep, and decreased fatigue. Patients may also benefit from increased muscle mass and decreased body fat. Our body contouring patients can enhance their results with Hormone Replacement Therapy when appropriate.

Skin Health

Some patients have reported improvement in skin health after BHRT. Patients with optimized hormones may slow the progression of aging and BHRT can potentially improve response to the rejuvenation procedures we offer.

The Brain and Mind

woman succeeding in professional office after estrogen therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy can potentially improve symptoms of brain fog that can occur with age, as well as improvement in depressed mood, anxiety, and irritability. 

Sexual Function

couple enjoying sexual health benefits after HRT treatment

Hormone Replacement Therapy has been reported to increase sexual drive in both men and women, and to improve vaginal health and sexual pleasure in women. Additionally, hot flashes an other menopausal signs and symptoms have been reported to improve with Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

Method of Hormone Replacement Therapy 

All BHRT visits in our office start with a thorough review of your symptoms and labs and a discussion of your goals with your practitioner. We analyze this to produce a customized dosing and treatment plan to optimize results. The hormone replacement therapy is done with pellets the size of a grain of rice that are inserted under the skin in our NYC office in a 5 minute procedure. As the pellets dissolve they deliver a steady level of bioidentical hormones to the blood. For most patients pellets need to be replenished every 4-5 months.

Advantages of Biote Pellet Method for Bioidnetical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The advantages of Biote BHRT Pellets are that the hormones are identical to natural hormones produced by your body and the hormones are delivered in a very steady fashion, without the varying blood levels from injections, creams, pills, and patches (no “roller coaster” effect).

There have been hundreds of studies done on pellets over the last 75 years. Studies have shown that pellet BHRT can be protective for the heart, breasts, brain, bone, and sexual function. It is a useful therapy for remediating hormone imbalances.

Most experience benefits after first pellet but it can take up to two sessions to experience full results. 

Contact Us to Visit a Hormone Replacement Doctor

The medical staff at The Dermatology and Laser Group is here to assist you on your journey with hormone replacement therapy. If you have questions about testosterone therapy for men, estrogen therapy for women, and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy contact us today in our Manhattan, New York City office:

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