National Doctor’s Day: Dermatologists Explain What Keeps Them Going

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National Doctor’s Day, first observed in 1933, is a day designed to honor physicians — but it also offers a chance to look under the hood, or beyond the lab coat. Dermatologists are among the happiest doctors, and most say they would never want another job.

What’s so special about dermatology? What’s going through your doctor’s mind when they are treating you, and what keeps them going?

The Youtube Dermatologist Who Got Her Own TV Show

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Dr Sandra Lee — AKA Dr Pimple Popper — proved that dermatologists aren’t the only ones who simply cannot look away when her YouTube channel suddenly exploded (a metaphor that becomes all the more potent if you watch any of her videos) in popularity. Dr Pimple Popper later got her own TV show, and while it’s easy to see its appeal as a slightly unusual form of disaster tourism, she’s not only in it for the kicks.

“In dermatology there’s a lot of fascinating skin conditions,” she said with her characteristic openness. “We learn so many things, like about jellyfish and the way that they create rashes on our body, to like bot flies that lay their eggs under our skin, to loa loa, this mosquito that transfers this parasite that you see in your eyeball.” What keeps her going? The opportunity to educate patients, so that they understand their skin and know how to look after it.

Most dermatologists aren’t quite as high-profile as Dr Pimple Popper, of course, nearly all are just as happy with their jobs — 93 percent of dermatologists say that they’re “very satisfied” in their work!

Why is that? Dermatology is great because it’s always interesting — this field encompasses surgery as well as medical treatment, and as Dr Sandra Lee already said, there’s an endless list of fascinating skin conditions to diagnose and treat.

More than that, though, the fact that dermatologists are able to spend most of their time directly providing care to patients keeps them going. When patients walk in, often scared or in pain, a dermatologist loves to problem-solve. After arriving at the right diagnosis and working with the patient to provide the best treatment, a dermatologist can improve their patients’ lives almost instantly.

AMA With Dr. Akhavan

Our very own Dr Arash Akhavan, MD, top-rated Board Certified Dermatologist in NYC, says that he remains thrilled to be a dermatologist because his work doesn’t just allow him to “perform a wide variety of procedures that call for an immense range of knowledge”, but also because he gets the chance to provide “compassionate care to the highest standard, with cutting-edge technology that transforms lives”.

When you work with a skilled dermatologist, whether in cosmetic or medical dermatology, Dr Akhavan emphasizes, “you feel safe in your surroundings, and happy that an expert team is taking care of your needs”.

“Nothing compares to the feeling of patient satisfaction, because their stretch marks, acne scars, or sagging of the facial area are now gone. When a patient walks out knowing that they have a body they feel confident and comfortable in, I know I have the world’s best job.”

That’s what ultimately keeps us going — your happiness.

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