6 Tips On Preventing Acne From Your Face Mask

pimples and irritated, red skin on young woman's face

Face masks have become a requirement in this day and age, but no one likes the resulting acne. This is why it’s become important to understand what causes acne, how to manage it, what mistakes to avoid, and what needs to be included in your face mask and skin care routine.

Here are some of the most important causes and tips to focus on as a face mask wearer.

Causes of Acne From Face Mask

Clogged Pores

Due to moisture accumulation under the face mask, your pores begin to clog up. This has to do with the moisture soaking into the pores leading to conditions such as folliculitis (yeast/bacteria). Continued use of the face mask worsens this problem.


Another cause involves endless friction to the same part of the face. When the face mask rubs on a specific part of the skin, it will begin to chafe, which exposes the skin to breakouts. This is a common issue near the ears and nose.


The face mask can dry the skin and strip its natural oils. This can cause flaking, inflammation, and general sensitivity, which often leads to acne breakouts.

Tips for Preventing Acne

1) Change the Mask Regularly

The easiest and most effective change is to regularly swap face masks. Don’t wear the same one every day as it’s going to collect moisture and harm the skin. Instead, keep multiple face masks handy when going out and make sure they are clean.

2) Apply a Non-Comedogenic Moisturizer

Traditional moisturizers are wonderful, but they may not be as effective for face mask wearers. In this particular case, it’s best to move forward with a non-comedogenic moisturizer, which is designed to be light on the skin.

3) Use Pure Petrolatum After Taking Off the Mask

Pure petrolatum is a great option if the skin is dry and irritated. Rub this on the skin after taking off your face mask and washing your face. It will soothe the irritated areas and keep the acne away.

4) Use Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are an effective solution to help with inflammation and general breakouts. Since the skin is left under duress due to regular mask-wearing, it’s best to use ice cubes as a way to cool things down.

5) Wash Your Face First

Always wash your face before putting on a face mask. Make sure to use a good facial cleanser and moisturizer to ensure you are prepared for hours of wearing the face mask.

6) Never Wear Surgical Masks Twice

Surgical masks should only be worn once and then tossed out. The only time you can repeat is if it’s a cloth mask that has been washed thoroughly.

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Acne can be a devastating sight after putting on a face mask, but it’s a common concern among men and women. This is why it’s essential to have a plan in mind to make sure the problem doesn’t become a persistent one.

By following the tips listed here, you’ll be well on your way to preventing acne caused by wearing your face mask.

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