10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Emsculpt That Will Change the Way You Think About Body Sculpting [Infographic]

emsculpt infographic

Have you heard of the revolutionary body sculpting treatment called Emsculpt? If not, this article will open up a whole new world for you!

If you dream of having a perfect body, but can’t seem to lose that last stubborn layer of fat, then it’s high time you found out how to do just that. Forget liposuction, CoolSculpting, and other treatments. Emsculpt reaches far and beyond, making your body a force to be reckoned with.

Want to know just how good it is? Then read these 10 mind-blowing facts about Emsculpt that will change the way you think about body sculpting!

Our Top Ten Mind Blowing Facts About Emsculpt

#1: It’s the only treatment that builds muscle while reducing fat!

Imagine building muscle and losing fat at the same time! Don’t think it’s possible? Too good to be true? Well, Emsculpt can reduce up to 19% of fat during the treatment, while increasing muscle mass by a whopping 16%!

So, yes you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

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#2: You’ll already notice results after 3-4 weeks

For the best results, Emsculpt treatments are done 4-5 times within two weeks. And in about 3-4 weeks, you’ll see visible results! Other treatments like CoolSculpting can’t even come close to giving you a “shredded” look in that timeframe!

#3: It’s completely painless

If we could compare the level of “pain” you feel after the procedure , we would say you will feel the same amount of muscle soreness like you would after an intense workout. What other procedure or treatment can guarantee you the same?

As for the procedure itself, it’s completely pain-free, and there’s no chance of a patient having any negative reactions to the treatment.

#4: The treatment lasts only 30 minutes

You’re probably raising a skeptical eyebrow right about now. Yes, it IS unbelievable, but each session really does last only 30 minutes. 

So, if you compare Emsculpt to other treatments, it really is the fastest one by far.

#5: No side effects after treatment

It’s amazing that such an effective treatment doesn’t cause any side effects. Other treatments such as CoolSculpting tend to cause a numbing sensation that lasts even after the treatment is completed. Also, redness in the treated area is quite common.

On the other hand, Emsculpt won’t leave any bruises, numbing sensations or redness. In fact, you’ll even be able to wear a bikini immediately after the treatment!

#6: Emsculpt is completely safe

Procedures such as liposuction are NOT for everyone. You wouldn’t want to perform such an elaborate procedure just to get rid of those few stubborn rolls of fat, would you? That’s why Emsculp is so great! If you’re within 20 pounds of your ideal weight, you can have this procedure done without resorting to risky fat-removal surgeries. Emsculpt is 100% safe!

#7: Emsculpt is the equivalent of the most intense workout

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Emsculpt treatments induce strong muscle contractions. What is more, these contractions can’t be achieved with a standard workout routine. The treatments force your muscle tissue to adapt to intense conditions. As a result, the muscle starts remodeling its inner structure.

#8: It does wonders for your buttocks

We all know how difficult it is to shape our buttocks. Sometimes no matter how many squats we do, our rear end just won’t take on the perfect shape. Luckily, Emsculpt is the #1 butt-shaper of all time!

#9: There’s no need for pre-treatment preparations

Just like there are no side effects after the treatment, there’s no need for any pre-treatment preparations either. Simple as that!

#10: Emsculpt costs less than CoolSculpting

Now that we’ve painted a picture of how awesome Emsculp is, you’re probably wondering how much it all costs. Well, don’t get all skeptical just yet! Four treatments of Emsculpt start at around $4000 dollars. That means you’ll have achieved your dream body for that amount of money.

On the other hand, only two sessions of CoolSculpting cost up to $3000 dollars, and those treatments cover only one area of your body. We’ll let you do the math.

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