Emface– Now in New York City

Emface is the first ever device to effectively treat both major components of facial aging.  We now offer Emface in our NYC office to rejuvenate the face in a completely natural way delivering superior natural anti-aging.  Emface is a revolutionary device for natural facial rejuvenation created by BTL, the same company that brought the game changing body contouring device Emsculpt Neo to the market a few years ago.

emface before and after photo of mid age woman

Facial Aging

As we get older, genetics, environmental facts such as sun and nicotine exposure, stress, and the passage of time cause wrinkles to form, and folds and dropping to occur on our faces and jawlines.  This occurs for two primary reasons:

  1. Our skin loses some of its structural integrity as collagen and elastin are degraded. The skin would therefore feels looser and appear more wrinkly.  One way to picture this phenomenon is by imaging brand new jeans vs. jeans that have been worn a few dozen times over the years. The older jeans have lost a bit of their tight structure and bounce back.
  2. A huge part of facial aging is also loss of volume of structures underlying skin.  As we age we lose significant volume in both the muscles and bone structure of the face.  Fat distribution in the face also shifts.  Because of this loss of volume the skin loses some of its support and sags.  One way to picture this is imagining a perfectly fitting sweater that then starts to sag on your body after you lose a significant amount of weight.

woman left side young right side old face

Frequently Asked Questions

How does EMFACE Rejuvenate the Face?

Emface uses two technologies simultaneously to naturally treat BOTH aspects of facial aging.  

Radiofrequecy energy is delivered to the skin to induce skin rejuvenation through production of collagen and elastin.  

At the same time HIFES (high intensity muscle stimulation) restores muscle tone in key muscles of the forehead and cheeks to lift the face in a natural way.  This natural uplift on the skin can make the brows less heavy and can lift the lower half of the face giving the entire face and jawline a better contour.   Emface restores tone in muscles including the frontalis, zygomaticus major, zygomaticus minor, and risorius. 

In our opinion the best thing about EMFACE is that the results are completely natural appearing since your skin is building it’s own collagen and elastin and lift is achieved by restoring your own muscle tone.  This eliminates the risk of unnatural results which can happen with some other rejuvenation procedures.

What is an EMFACE treatment like?

EMFACE treatments are completed as four 20 minute sessions one week apart.  The treatments are safe, completely painless, and have zero downtime.  Maintenance sessions are recommended after one year.  

What results are seen in clinical studies with EMFACE?

*The facial rejuvenation results with EMFACE have been validated in 9 clinical studies thus far with more on the way.  Studies show that EMFACE reduces wrinkles by 37%.  The reduction in wrinkles occurs because of production of collagen and elastin. In studies EMFACE also increased muscle tone by 30% leading to a 23% lift of the face. 

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Dr. Akhavan Introduces EMFACE At Manhattan Office