Lip Fillers Frequently Asked Questions

Lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure which gives the patient smooth, plump, and youthful lips. The overall aesthetic of the lips is refined, by smoothening vertical lip lines, bringing out the true shape of the lips. The volume of the lips is also increased with carefully placed injections which add hydration. The goal is to give the patient the perfect lips he or she envisions, while ensuring it looks natural.

Lip injections fill the lips with Hyaluronic Acid to increase volume and remove lines. Because Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, it is accepted by the body quite effortlessly. Over the following 12-18 months, it is slowly broken down until it is gone. This makes it a temporary lip filler, which modern dermatologists consider to be much safer than permanent fillers such as silicon or implants.

Lip filler injections are safe procedures as long as they are performed by very well trained practitioners with experience.  Lip injections are best perfumed by Board Certified Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.  In our opinion it is a very bad idea to have injections performed in any sort of setting where less skilled practitioners are performing injections without direct supervision by a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.  Additionally the use of blunt tipped cannulas have made injections much safer as described above. 

Contrary to common belief, lip injections do NOT hurt when done with a specialist. That is because the practitioner meticulously injects in carefully selected sites. On top of that, numbing cream is applied to the lips. Juvederm lip injections and Restylane lip injections also contain lidocaine, a pain reliever, in the syringe. With the right doctor, it is only about as uncomfortable as getting your eyebrows threaded!

There is not much to do to prepare for injections. To minimize bruising please limit aspirin and other blood thinners (only if possible) and avoid excessive drinking for a night or two before the procedure. Since we use cannulas to inject significant bruising is not really likely anyways. 

Immediately after receiving injections, the lips will have some swelling. This is normal with Juvederm lip injections and Restylane lip injections. Swelling and bruising is very dependent on the individual.

To minimize swelling by the time the patient leaves the office, we ice the lips immediately. If there’s still swelling, we recommend applying ice to the lips periodically over the day. Swelling should reside fully by the next day or two. Any bruises can be covered with make up. Bruising and swelling are significantly limited with our technique of lip filler using just two injection points and a blunt tipped cannula. 


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