PRP Therapy In New York City

Our dermatologist NYC practice offers Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Therapy, as it is a 100% natural approach to regenerative skin care, harnessing the rejuvenation potential of the patient’s own body. This 20-minute treatment reverses the signs of aging and sun damage, and can also help with hair thinning, in just three steps:

  1. The patient’s blood is drawn, just like a routine exam at their PCP’s office.
  2. The blood is purified in a centrifuge, extracting the plasma.
  3. This PRP is injected into the treated areas using microneedles, stimulating the natural regenerative processes.

The PRP is rich in proteins and growth factors that induce skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin, and exhibit renewed growth.  We use the AQUAGOLD microneedling device in our office which uses needles with a diameter smaller than human hair, making the procedure incredibly comfortable.

PRP Therapy is used as a treatment for hair thinning and also smooths skin, improving texture and the appearance of many signs of aging and other skin conditions, including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Sun Damage
  • Discoloration
  • Skin Texture
  • Light Scarring, including those from acne
  • Hair Loss (alopecia)

Patients will begin to see mild improvement in the treated areas within the first few weeks, but full correction occurs within 4-6months.  For most patients, several treatments are necessary to see substantial results!

We use miconeedling to deliver the PRP, just under the dermis, which both lessens the discomfort during the procedures and delivers the PRP at a consistent depth. PRP Therapy is not mixed with lidocaine or any other numbing agent. Patients concerned with pain can use ice and/or numbing cream prior to microneedling.
Treatment requires 30-45 minutes, depending upon which areas are treated.
Patients should start with a cosmetic consultation with one of our dermatologists. If you would like to begin PRP Therapy the same day as your consultation, you should avoid over the counter anticoagulants and other medications and supplements that may increase bleeding. You’ll have to remove any makeup before receiving the injections, and we carry makeup remover in the office. We also have mirrors and cosmetics available in the room for patient ease and comfort.
The results of microneedling with PRP are long lasting. Depending on the treatment plan discussed with the physician, you may need multiple treatments to achieve maximum results.
Patients may experience some redness following the procedure, which can last from 1-4 hours, depending upon number of treatment areas and whether this procedure was combined with another.
PRP Therapy uses your own blood, which completely eliminates the chance of rejection by the body, transmission of infection, or allergic reaction to ingredients.

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