Vaginal Rejuvenation Without Surgery in New York City

When it comes to vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, our dermatology office believes in non-invasive, painless, and no downtime solutions. To help you lead a more enjoyable personal life, we provide two popular treatments to help with vaginal rejuvenation and restoration in NYC.


ThermiVa is the latest gold standard laser labiaplasty device approved by the FDA for restoration and tightening of the loose vaginal tissue as well as improving nerve sensitivity, leading to a more enjoyable personal life. It is a nonsurgical solution for vaginal rejuvenation.

The system uses radiofrequency energy to heat the internal and external vaginal tissue, improving circulation and promoting healthy tissue tightening through collagen production and growth of new blood vessels. The result is improved feminine wellness and confidence with no downtime. Vaginal rejuvenation is designed to restore and improve functionality as well as restore femininity many women lose with normal aging process.

  • Improve your sexual well being
  • Increase lubrication/Increase sensitivity
  • Improve urinary leak or incontinence
  • Tighten Vaginal canal
  • Tighten and improve vaginal skin appearance
  • Restore confidence
  • Revive sexuality

Who is a Candidate for ThermiVa?

Pregnancy, hormones, and age can affect your feminine wellness, resulting in dryness, laxity, decreased sexual pleasure and other bothersome symptoms. ThermiVa is also a great option for those patients thinking of labiaplasty, but who do not want to undergo the surgery and downtime associate with it. 

The Treatment Process

The ThermiVa treatment system delivers radiofrequency heat through a small handpiece. The handpiece tip is inserted into the vaginal canal where the internal tissue is heated. External tissue can also be treated using the same, gentle handpiece. You will feel a heating sensation during this treatment, but the process is quick and comfortable, taking between 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You can experience improvement in symptoms after one treatment session, but multiple sessions will give you the best results.

Vaginal rejuvenation in NYC is easy at our state of the art dermatology clinic. We have structured our practice so that patients are not kept waiting in our lobby for a long period of time. Treatments are quick and effective.

We want to help you feel your best

The Dermatology and Laser Group is one of NYC’s top rated medical and cosmetic dermatology practices. We strive to provide the most comfortable experience possible for all of our patients. We’re located at 200 West 57th Street #510 in Midtown, Manhattan. Feel free to get in touch with us here to learn more about our vaginal rejuvenation and other treatments!

How ThermiVa Works

ThermiVa is a safe and effective device that uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue on the outside and/or inside of the vulvovaginal area, tightening and rejuvenating tissue.  The benefits all come without any downtime or discomfort.  Benefits range from improved cosmetic appearance of labia (non-invasive labiaplasty) to improved vaginal comfort and sexual function (non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation). To learn more about this exciting procedure please click to be transferred to our dedicated ThermiVa site.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVa is an excellent option for Vaginal Restoration for all women, but especially for those suffering from changes after childbirth and natural aging.


Non-Invasive Labiaplasty or Labia Lift

Gentle, comfortable, and safe, our non-invasive labiaplasty or labia lift using ThermiVa is a great alternative to surgery.

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Came here to see Dr. Akhavan and the experience from start to finish was more than I could hope for. From the moment I booked the appointment I could tell the office is extremely well organized and thoughtful towards their patients’ needs…
Doug R., ( Via Yelp )
I cannot recommend Dr. Akhavan’s practice enough. Dr. Akhavan answers all my questions, no matter how dumb. Unlike my last dermatologist, I felt that they listened to me and allowed me to have input on decisions regarding my health care…
Patricia O., ( Via Yelp )
Dr Akhavan is an outstanding dermatologist. I went in for a skin check and he discovered an abnormal mole. Note that I was 8 months pregnant at the time…
Anda B., ( Via Yelp )
Dr. Akhavan came highly recommended by my close friend and colleague. Although I trust my friend’s word, I still checked the doc out on Yelp. As of today, Dr. Akhavan only has FIVE STAR reviews and you know what? Everything everyone says about him is true!…
Helen L., ( Via Yelp )
Dr. Akhavan was prompt, courteous and informative. I went on the day of snowpocalypse 2014. It didn’t matter, the doctor and his staff were in the office ready for my visit…
Radoslav A., ( Verified ZocDoc Patient )