Trusculpt iD offers Highly Effective Fat Reduction uniquely tailored to your body

TruSculpt iD is the latest innovation is non-surgical body sculpting. Patients experience an average fat reduction of 24% after 12 weeks. The procedure works on the entire fat layer, harnessing the power of 2 MHz Monopolar Radio Frequency which is a low frequency wave that can effectively destroy fat cells. The procedure also allows for dynamic skin temperature control and monitoring, which aids in the effectiveness of the fat reduction treatment and also in the comfort of the patient. Patients who have received the treatment say that it feels kind of like a hot stone massage.

Overall, TruSculpt iD is the most advanced fat removal solution available today. Our Midtown, NYC based Dermatology practice is one of the only to offer this highly effective treatment.

If you want a no-downtime and no-preparation solution to get rid of unwanted fat anywhere in your body, then TruSculpt iD is a good fit for you. It works for both men and women. It can treat multiple areas simultaneously, including challenging areas. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete the procedure, making it ideal for anyone who wants to come in for a quick appointment during their lunch break and proceed on back to work.

Have a look at some of the TruSculpt before and after photos below. If you’d like to book a consultation with us, click here or call (212) 444-8204 today!