EMSCULPT in New York, NY

Written by Arash Akhavan, MD, FAAD – Board Certified Dermatologist – Last Updated on June 8, 2020

Emsculpt is the first FDA cleared body contouring device to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, leading to a naturally toned appearance.  Our NYC Emsculpt center was one of the first practices in the world to offer procedures with the device and the first to have access to the newest applicators to allow use all over the body.  Our unsurpassed experience will ensure you will have the best possible results and experience in New York City with Emsculpt.

Emsculpt benefits:

  • Burn fat and build muscle in the abdomen.  Added bonus- a stronger core!
  • Tone and lift the butt. Added bonus- stronger glutes that you can actually use in the gym or in sports!
  • Tone arms.  By eliminating fat and building both the biceps and triceps muscles of the arms, Emsculpt will produce naturally toned and stronger arms that are preferable to the artificially “skinny fat” arms that you can have after other body sculpting procedures or with dieting. 
  • Tone and strengthen the thighs and legs. A stronger and toned lower body is an elusive goal for so many of our patients- even those who workout daily.  Emsculpt NYC in our office is the perfect compliment to regular diet and exercise.

Emsculpt is the only body contouring device to use HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) technology.  The energy stimulates 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in a 30 minute lunch hour length treatment.  Supramaximal contractions refers to the muscles contracting much more effectively and deeper than the body can produce during exercise.   Emsculpt is the only treatment that builds muscle. This causes the muscles to undergo both hypertrophy and hyperplasia (increased muscle fiber size and numbers) and simultaneously causes fat cells to metabolize and burn through their fat content. Our patients say that it feels like an intense workout. 

Emsculpt Works! It has over 96% patient satisfaction and the results have been validated in dozens of studies.  And unlike other body contouring device that rely on just the typical Before and After Images to show results, the increase in muscle and decrease in the fat layer have been proven by MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, and cell studies.

Emsculpt body treatments in the abdomen have been shown in studies to produce a 19% reduction in fat and a 16% increase in muscle.  Average waist reductions in studies was shown to be 4.4 cm.  Please take some time to look at the pictures that we have posted on this page.  When you come to visit us you will also see some of the other pictures we have of patients treated with Emsculpt in our New York City office. 

Emsculpt is Safe!  There have never been any serious adverse events reported from Emsculpt treatments. There is absolutely no downtime with zero restrictions in activity.  You can leave the office and go straight back to the gym. 

If you have any questions that are not answered below, or you would like to schedule an appointment, please click here or give us a call at (212) 444-8204.

Emsculpt Before and After Pictures

Emsculpt NYC Reviews

Amazing experience from start to finish. The lavish waiting room makes you feel comfortable from the moment i walked in. The practice manager I believe her name was Ashley was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the treatments I had done. Dr. Arash was so friendly and helpful answering all my questions i had about to em sculpt procedure ( which had AMAZING results).

Justin Selman, Google

A closer look at how Emsculpt works under the hood

Who is Emsculpt for?

In our NYC office we use Emsculpt for patients of all ages.  The device can benefit all body types but in general any body contouring procedure, including Emsculpt will work best in patients who are in relatively good shape. 

What areas can be treated with Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is FDA cleared for use on the buttock, abdomen, thighs, legs, and arms. 

How do I need to prepare for Emsculpt?

There is absolutely nothing you need to do to prepare for your treatment.  Results will be most impressive for patients who have started on a diet that is at a calorie deficit, and is relatively high in lean protein.  This healthy diet would support efforts to build muscle and to break down fat. 

What is the treatment regimen?

In our New York City office we treat patients with four 30 minute treatments that are completed over the course of 2 weeks. Multiple areas of the body are commonly treated on the same day. 

What can I expect after treatments? 

There is absolutely no downtime after the procedure.  You will look completely normal (if not even a little bit better) immediately following the procedure and can get right into a bathing suit if desired.  There are no restrictions after the procedure- you can go right back to work or even to the gym.  We suggest maintaining a healthy diet high in lean protein and exercising at least 3-5 times a week to boost and maintain results as long as possible.  Best results are seen at 1-3 months following your last treatment.   Some patients choose to maintain or even improve upon their results with maintenance treatments that can be started 3 months following your initial Emsculpt treatment series. Maintenance packages are offered in our office, and offer treatments every 1-2 months on the same area. 

What treatments can I combine with Emsculpt?  

Emsculpt is a great device for strengthening the core.  Many of both our female and male patients choose to combine there abdominal core strengthening with a similar device called Emsella that uses the HIFEM technology to strengthen the core muscles of the pelvic floor as well.  The combined treatment is called The Core to Floor Treatment Package. For patients that have thicker layers of fat they are hoping to target, we also often combine Emsculpt with either devices such as TruSculpt ID or injections such as Kybella that permanently destroy pockets of fat.  These areas could then be treated with Emsculpt to burn through further fat while also strengthening muscle. We also commonly combine Emsculpt with a different device called Emtone that can tighten and smooth skin and improve cellulite in areas we have treated with Emsculpt to lead to a more complete improvement in appearance in the areas treated.