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anteage hair regeneration curly blonde man before and after photo

What is AnteAGE MD Hair Restoration?

The AnteAGE Hair Restoration procedure is a series of in-office treatments paired with kits to be used at home that uses a concentrate of Growth Factors and Cytokines specifically tailored to promote hair growth.  This is a newer procedure that expands and improves upon the same principles of PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy that we perform multiple times a day in our highly reviewed NYC office.

AnteAGE MD Hair has a concentrate of 12 different GF specific to hair regeneration including GF that are involved in WNT Pathway signaling to encourage growth of hair.  WNT Pathway regulates growth and development of hair follicles. This is in contrast to PRP which has non-specific GF and proteins.  

Phases of Hair Growth

phases of hair growth infographic

The hair generation lifecycle consists of several phases that each have their own timeline, depending on age, nutrition, health, and genetics.

  1. Anagen Phase (3-6 years): early growth of hair follicle
  2. Catalan Phase (2-3 weeks): transitional phase that around 3% of your hairs are in
  3. Telogen Phase (5-6 weeks): resting stage preparing for shedding
  4. Exogen Phase: shedding of hair followed by regenesis

Latest Breakthrough in Minimally-Invasive Natural Hair Restoration in NYC

AnteAGE MD Hair is derived from Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells that are regenerative, pro-healing, and anti-inflammatory. These stem cells produce growth factors and cytokines that coordinate repair and rejuvenation of tissue.  The cells are grown in culture and beneficial growth factors and cytokines are isolated in a suspension with nano lipid carriers. 

before photo of old man experiencing hair loss
after photo of anteage md showing hair growth and less bald spots on older gentlemen

What to Expect and Results

The treatment consists of 5 in office visits where we use a micro needling device to introduce the solution of growth factors and cytokines to the hair follicles. Between sessions a kit is used at home to deliver more growth factors and botanicals that further support hair regeneration. 

In clinical studies, upon completion of a protocol that combines in office treatments with a simple at home treatment, 100% of patients reported new hair growth and 92% saw dramatic improvement in hair quality and texture.  75% of patients were found to have moderately to greatly increased amount of hair in balding areas.   

The treatment can be used in place of PRP or in conjunction with PRP if desired.  If you are new to both procedures or if you have had limited success with PRP we suggest starting the AnteAGE MD Hair Therapy here in our NYC office.  If you have had success with PRP and you would like to boost your results both treatments can be done together. 

More Hair Loss Treatment Before and After Photos

before and after pic of man with successful bald spot cover through anteage

showing hair growth on African American female hairline and side of head

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