Anti-Aging Microneedling Device

Cynosure Potenza is another device we introduced to New York City.  Potenza is a one-of-a-kind anti-aging radiofrequency microneedling device that stimulates collagen and elastin production and produces tighter and firmer skin.  

There are some key features that set Potenza apart from other microneedling devices found in NYC.  Potenza has a unique Tiger Tip Needle technology that treats both superficial and deep skin at the same time generating collagen at multiple levels. Its unique Fusion Tip attatchment has needles that enhance topical penetrations that we use to boost collagen and elastin production even further. 

In our NYC office we use Potenza for anti-aging purposes anywhere on the body including face, neck, chest, abdomen, thighs, and elsewhere. 

Cynosure Potenza treatments have started to gain a lot of buzz with celebrity clientele as well.  Here Kim Kardashian’s Potenza treatment is discussed.


We typically recommend an initial series of 3 treatments spaced approximately one month apart when doing Potenza treatments in our New York City office. Some results are seen starting at 4-6 weeks with optimal results at 12 weeks post treatment.  Maintenance sessions will depend on level of skin laxity, age, and general health. 

cynosure potenza showing cheek restored to normal appearance


When you come in a strong prescription strength numbing cream is applied. Treatment time depends on the area being treated with an area such as the face typically taking approximately 20 minutes.  After the Potenza radiofrequency microneedling treatment has been completed the areas treated will be red and swollen for 24-28 hours and then faint tiny needle marks and bruises can be seen for several days afterwards. 

A light non-oil based coverup can be applied after 48 hours to resume your work and social schedule.