Facelifts Vs. Fillers: Which to Choose and Why [Infographic]

Are facelifts or dermal fillers best for your face

Fillers and facelifts are increasingly becoming a norm. Choosing between them to determine which is preferable depends on a number of considerations. Lots of people are going for fillers for facial rejuvenation. However, they are not appropriate for every face-skin type, age and the profoundness of wrinkles and folds. Surgery, such as a facelift, may be a better consideration to go for.

Fillers Used for Facial Rejuvenation

Fillers come in two categories; Botox and Dysport, which are neurotoxins used for relaxing overactive facial muscles that are charged with producing crow’s feet and brow furrows. On the other side, Restylane, Juvederm, and Perlane are fillers that take care of surface depressions. Nasolabial folds and marionette lines are the folds deepening between the jawline up to the corner of the mouth.

Besides, facial areas with hollow temples or thin checks, in general, are filled and augmented with fillers. The problem is that fillers are not quite efficient for lines that are finely etched-in such as those on the upper lips of older women. In well-filled cases, these two types of fillers eliminate the necessity for facial surgery or facilitate the outcome of surgery.

Younger individuals below fifty that have cheeks and neck skin that is not significantly loosed will be great with a facelift. Nevertheless, those above fifty that have major jowl formation and neck skin that is quite loose alongside vertical bands, require a more appropriate and durable treatment which is surgery such as a facelift.

Disadvantages of Fillers

Some people consider fillers as an alternative to avoid surgery. As a result, they overuse it and get a weird unnatural appearance. The idea of using a higher volume of injectables to fill up loose skin instead of just going straight for surgery which is a better option is gaining a lot of ground among those who are not surgeons. Fillers result in bloated cheeks without a natural formation, impaired facial expression because of tissue stiffness, unaesthetic and distorted facial proportions.

Fillers are more expensive than facelifts though, for they come with consistent maintenance, risks of bruises and infections. Even permanent fillers can’t entirely avoid these issues and may lead to permanent aesthetic issues also.

Advantages of a Facelift Over Fillers

Surgery such as facelift restores sagging tissue and makes the skin younger. It tightens lower cheeks and removes jowls. It is precisely much superior to fillers. With a facelift, the elevated tissues to an extent also fill-in cheek hollows. Besides, they play the role of tightening loose neck skin and eliminating vertical bands. These feats are impossible with filler-based injections. With surgery, those older individuals with less facial fat volume that comes with aging can have the volume restored with the used of fat grafts taken from another body part.

However, with a facelift, tightening lost tissues so much is not a solution. Having both a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon engaged in managing aging facial solutions would be great. With each operating within their boundaries but in thoughtful and close collaboration to advance such treatment.

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