How To Manage Excessive Sebum Production

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Do you suffer from chronic oily skin? Have you tried every trick in the book but still seem to end up looking like an oil slick? If so, chances are, your body is producing an excessive amount of sebum.

There are many lifestyle changes you can make that will help reduce sebum production. If all else fails, Dr. Akhavan also offers clinical treatments that can help clean the skin and reduce excess sebum.

What is Sebum?

Everyone’s skin produces sebum. This substance is waxy in nature and often presents as oil. Sebum is produced in the body via the sebaceous glands. It is essential as sebum actually coats your skin which provides moisture and protection. The actual waxy mixture is made up of sugars, fatty acids, waxes, and other body chemicals. This substance coats the top of your skin protecting you from irritation, germs, and other harmful environmental elements.

The sebum on your skin also gathers dead skin cells, sweat, and dust from the environment. Too much sebum will naturally gather more of this harmful debris which can lead to a variety of skin conditions including acne.

What Causes Excess Sebum Production?

There are several causes of excess sebum production. The most common cause has to do with lifestyle choices. Other causes of excess production can be linked to certain medications such as hormonal medications, certain supplements, and other prescription medications. Age and environment also play a big role in sebum production.

Tips To Help Reduce Sebum Production

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The most effortless way to reduce excess sebum on the skin is to adopt a simple skincare routine. Using gentle cleansers that are pH-balanced will help keep your skin healthy and clean. Using harsh astringents will actually cause your skin to generate moil oil in an attempt to lubricate the surface.

Make a point of using skincare products that contain salicylic acids. This helps to remove dead skin and other debris from the surface of your skin. They also work to help reduce excess sebum production in a gentle way.

Make sure to always hydrate your skin following your cleanse. If your skin is stripped of all moisture, it will naturally generate sebum as a protective measure. Hydrating your skin not merely keeps the surface healthy and supple but also prevents excess sebum from being generated.

Simple lifestyle changes can also help reduce excess oil on the skin. Limiting your alcohol consumption will prevent enlarged pores, which can trigger excess sebum production.

Padding your diet with plenty of whole fruits and vegetables that are low on the glycemic scale is equally effective. Make sure to also consume plenty of cereals, whole grain oats, and legumes. If you notice that you tend to break out often, consider reducing the amount of cow milk you consume. This can lead to excess sebum and cystic acne that can leave behind long-lasting scars.

Getting Professional Help With Excess Sebum Production

If you have tried all of the home remedies available, including altering your lifestyle, you may need to seek specialized help. Dr. Akhavan offers a range of customized treatments that take each person’s needs into account. For some, making use of hormonal therapies such as spironolactone may be effective.

For others, cyproterone may be a better option. Botox injections directly to the sebaceous glands have also been proven to help reduce excess sebum production. For patients who also suffer from chronic or severe acne, isotretinoin may be a viable option. No matter what the cause, Dr. Akhavan is sure to help you find a solution that leaves your skin looking great and feeling healthier than ever. 

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