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The Dermatology and Laser Group has been one of New York City’s best boutique Cosmetic Dermatology offices for over a decade. The practice, founded by Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Arash Akhavan caters to patients who desire the highest level of expertise in an environment that is caring and thoughtful.

Our office is located near the corner of Park Ave and 60th Street. We offer cosmetic procedures of the face, neck, and body with an expertise in non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures.


Dr. Akhavan also specializes in skincare and the management of acne, rosacea, and skin blemishes, taking a holistic approach to treatment. Over the counter therapies, prescriptions, and/or cutting edge devices are all available to improve skin health.  We also have a particular expertise in skin cancer screening and treatment, and Dr. Akhavan was one of the first dermatologists in NYC to use digital dermoscopy for the early detection of skin cancer. 

Our boutique practice stands out from other New York dermatology offices not only in our level of expertise, but also in the personal attention we pay to each of our patients. Dr. Arash Akhavan is a nationally recognized speaker and educator for many cosmetic device companies and is a regularly featured expert in cosmetic dermatology in the media. He has won many accolades as a dermatologist in NYC including New York Magazine Best Dermatologist, New York Times featured Super Doctor, and Castle Connolly Top Doctor. He shares these awards with the staff of The Dermatology and Laser Group who have been focused on our patients’ happiness and results for over a decade!

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Dr. Arash Akhavan is a nationally recognized expert in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology featured in hundreds of publications, television appearances, and other media. Dr. Akhavan received his undergraduate education at Cornell University and his medical education at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City where he also served as Chief Resident in Dermatology.

He also loves teaching Cosmetic Dermatology to current and future dermatologists and other physicians, serving as an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at The Mount Sinai Medical Center and an educator and speaker for many cosmetic device and product companies.

Natural Results – Our Top Priority

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Safe and Effective Skin, Hair, and Nails Treatment

What we believe makes Dr. Akhavan stand out as one of the best dermatologists in NYC for cosmetic procedures is his unrelenting commitment to natural results.  If you have seen Dr. Akhavan’s media contributions on television or in print, or if you follow us on social media, you would undoubtedly have seen that our number one priority is that patients look and feel their best while looking completely natural.
Injectable procedures such as Botox and Fillers, as well as device based procedures such as Lasers and Ultherapy, are all done with a focus on safety, efficacy, and results that look 100% natural. For those who choose our non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures of the body such as body contouring, cellulite improvement, and body injectables, our aim is to enhance, while still prioritizing a natural result. Our body procedures are a great alternative for those who want to avoid plastic surgery.  
Celebrities and NYC’s most discerning patients trust Dr. Akhavan to give them the best possible results that look completely natural while ensuring their safety.

Some Highlighted Procedures

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Emface combines HIFES and RF technology to increase muscle tone of facial muscles by 30%, increase collagen by 26%, and elastin by more than 100%.  This leads to a significant lifting effect on the face and reduction in wrinkles.  The results are long lasting, the procedure is safe, and there is no downtime.

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Cellulite Treatment

We are one of the most comprehensive treatment centers for cellulite in New York City, offering treatments both for cellulite dimples as well as loose and rippling skin. Dr, Akhavan is also one of the most experienced physicians for the treatment of cellulite, having helped launch various treatment modalities for cellulite in the United States.

For cellulite dimples there are two great options- a new device called Aveli that simply and effectively removes dimples in a single treatment, as well as Cellfina, a device with proven long standing results after a single treatment. For loose skin and a lumpy-bumpy appearance we use the popular Emtone device as well biostimulatory injections for those wanting longer lasting results.

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Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO uses a combination of HIFEM and RF technology to reduce fat by an average of 30% and increase muscle an average of 25% in treated areas. With no downtime, an excellent safety profile, and results that are extremely impressive for a non-surgical device, Emsculpt NEO has quickly become the most popular body contouring device for celebrities and patients who want to look and feel their best. In addition to body sculpting, Emsculpt NEO also leaves patients stronger, and can lift and tone the buttock.

Questions about any of our treatments? Give us a call today.

New Yorkers Trust The Dermatology and Laser Group

Trust is the most important aspect of our relationship with our patients. We are thankful for the strong connections we have made with our patients over the years and are honored that so many tens of thousands of patients trust us to help them look and feel their best.

Dr Akhavan has the hands of an angel! He has an impeccable bedside manner, very kind, attentive, thorough and never in a rush. I appreciate how he puts me at ease every single time I have an appointment, answering my never-ending stream of questions and paying close attention to the details. The rest of the office staff is very pleasant as well, always with a smile on their faces and trying to the best of their ability to accommodate even last min requests. The office is beautiful, clean and they take all the precautions in re: to Covid. You’re never in the waiting room for a prolonged period of time which is hard to come by in NYC. As a physician myself –  I trust Dr Akhavan without hesitation and recommend him to all of my friends and family.

– RM (Google 5 stars)

Dr Akhavan and his staff always go above and beyond. Not only is Dr Akhavan an amazing and talented dermatologist but his office is so accommodating. He is professional and makes me look way younger! Couldn’t ask for anyone better

JB (Google 5 stars)

Dr. Akhavan the best dermatologist. he is very professional, detailed, caring , knowledgeable and experienced. The best thing about Dr. Akhavan is he treats everyone the same, no matter what ethnicy and race you come from.

– EL (Google 5 stars)

Very professional and welcoming environment. I’ve been with Doctor Akhavan for 10 years

– IC (Google 5 stars)

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Our Location

We are located at 110 E 60th Street, New York, NY, near the corner of Park Ave and 60th Street. Our Upper East Side location is convenient to public transportation as well as many NYC landmarks and destinations such as Central Park. For patients visiting from the suburbs, such as Westchester County, we are a short walk from Grand Central Station.

We are lucky to have many patients that visit from other states and countries, and we are centrally located to Hotels such as The Plaza, The St Regis, The Ritz Carlton, and The Four Seasons.