10 Celebrities Who Struggled with Acne

Fame does not deter acne and unfortunately for the celebrities who suffer from acne, their breakouts are the focus of the media. Some celebrities receive backlash from their breakouts and often get scrutinized by their fans for it. But we have to remember – celebrities are human too and are subject to the same bodily issues we all experience.

Whether earlier in their lives or currently as the spotlight shines bright upon them, nearly every celebrity has suffered from acne blemishes. How they handle the breakouts differs for everyone. Some celebrities hide their faces away when breakouts occur, others utilize their breakouts to establish a normalcy for acne. We all suffer through it.

Are You Breaking Out? You’re Not Alone

Many people need to hear this: you’re not alone when it comes to struggling with acne. Everyone experiences it and dealing with the blemishes and breakouts is completely normal. Even the stars we idolize experience it, though they might not show it at the big events. Don’t stress, just find a skin care routine that helps and work to build your confidence.

That’s what many of the celebrities on this list do. As breakouts occur, which they will throughout your life, many of these celebrities begin to focus on their mental and physical health. Either using acne products, changing their diet, or clearing their mind, these celebrities utilize many of the same skin care routines as you. You’re not alone in the fight with acne.

10 Celebrities and Their Fight with Acne

Many of you will be surprised to read some of the names on this list as their acne is so rarely showcased. Remember, even the biggest stars suffer the same bodily functions as anyone else. With that, we present to you 10 celebrities and their experiences with acne.

1. Selena Gomez

celebrities with acne

One of the biggest struggles for singers is the proximity to the microphone. The humidity and heat that can build up during a performance near their chin is something many singers struggle with. Selena is no exception. She has mentioned her post show skin care routines many times, stating that as soon as the show is over, she puts on a face mask and humidifier.

She has struggled with acne for most of her career but has the routines to combat it.

2. Kendall Jenner

Kendall bender wearing hat

With her family constantly in the spotlight, you rarely see a zit on her face. But even the Kardashian and Jenner families are subject to breakouts. Kendall has been very vocal about how acne is just another part of life as she has defended hers to the press multiple times. She used to let acne get the best of her and avoided eye contact at all costs. But now she owns it and normalizes it.

3. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe speaking on mic

This Harry Potter star grew up in the spotlight. From a young age, Daniel was a household name as nearly everyone had either seen or heard of his performance in the saga. Throughout that time on camera, Daniel has been struggling with acne as we all do. He never let it get him down, though as he continued to be the star we all grew up with – acne and all.

4. J.R. Smith

Not even sports stars are exempt from the blemishes of breaking out. Training for a season, regardless of the sport, produces tons of sweat that can simply stay on your face for hours at a time. Without the proper care routines, this can lead to bad acne. J.R. Smith talks about his time training for the NBA and how the hours of work lead to bad breakout.

He still struggles with the occasional breakout, even with the proper skincare routines in place.

5. Rihanna

Healthy skin is all about a healthy diet. Not enough water will lead to break outs and blemishes that can plague your face. Rihanna as given some fantastic advice that helps her avoid the issues of acne. Whenever she begins to break out, she drops the alcohol and drinks only water. This helps flush out the toxins in her face and promotes a healthier glow.

Sometimes, all you need to do to clear your face up is establish a healthier diet. No matter who you are, breakouts can occur is your diet is fatty or full of sugar.

6. Adam Lambert

This American Idol star has had his fair share of stresses throughout his life. He’s a fine example that acne doesn’t really leave us; it just changes forms as we grow older. Even men in their thirties will suffer from acne, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of us. Adam has spoken about how his acne doesn’t define him and that treatment methods will help clear it up.

7. Zendaya

She has always been open about her acne issues. Zendaya is the first to admit that she struggles with acne and that it’s something that we should normalize. Everyone goes through it, and it’s part of everyday life. Her skin care routine is more than simply doubling the water intake – she is a big promoter of skin care routines as a way to combat your acne.

Zendaya has owned her acne and has made it her goal to ensure that you’re not afraid to show your face during a breakout.

8. Paul Giamatti

The one thing that any teenage boy doesn’t want to hear is that acne will affect your body even as you grow older. While the stigma of acne continues to persist, the normalcy of it is something that many should take solace in. Even stars like Paul suffer from acne, though they have many skin care routines to help combat it.

9. Frankie Muniz

We’ve known Frankie ever since he was a child working through life on television in ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ Acne has never been foreign to Frankie, sometimes even being utilized by the show runners to make his plight more relatable for young audiences.

10. Ariana Grande

She has never been shy about her acne. She’s battled breakouts throughout her life and even grew up on television with them. Ariana has claimed to have gotten past her fear of acne and has even embraced it as it’s a normal thing that everyone experiences.

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