The Dangers and Risks of Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Methods

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In recent years, the popularity of tattoos has picked up dramatically—and with it, so has the demand for tattoo removal in NYC. Although these inked expressions are becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream world, and employers are even becoming more lenient when it comes to their staff sporting them, that doesn’t mean that people are [...]

An Analysis of Skin cancer: Causes and Symptoms

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The vague signs of cancerous development of skin cells make diagnosis of this ailment difficult. Health statistics show that there are more cases of skin cancer than any other type of cancer in the United States. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Read through the common causes of skin [...]

The Healthiest Things You Can Do For Your Skin

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Our appearance is associated with our identity. The way we dress, the way we walk and the way we present ourselves says a lot about who we are as individuals. Whether we’re in a professional environment or taking a stroll in the park, people judge us by our appearance. While the phrase, “Don’t judge a book [...]

Myths About Men’s Skincare Routine You Should Avoid

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When it comes to beauty regimes, the focus is mostly on women. Billboards, TV commercials and posters on the windows of supermarkets all focus on beautifying women. There are plenty of things that set men and women apart. But when it comes to skin, the difference is similar to the earth vs. the moon. […]

Lift Your Chin Up: Kybella for Double Chin

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We’ve all struggled with low self-esteem, picking apart our faults and wishing we were like someone we admire. Whether it’s our talents and abilities, or the curve of our nose, we’ve all wanted to change something about ourselves. For women, it’s much more difficult—having to deal with expectations. Whether it’s from their peers, partners or their [...]

Busting Botox Myths: What You Should Know

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to maintain your skin and appearance. We all want to look young and attractive like celebrities with flawless skin. And we’re all aware that some famous personalities use Botox treatments to get that flawless, smooth skin. But when we search for the treatments online, we encounter grotesque pictures of procedures gone [...]

Reversing the Ageing Process: The HydraFacial MD™ Super Facial and its Perks

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Every individual yearns for a flawless skin, free of blemishes and irregularities. They want to be able to not only look good but feel good as well. Celebrities and models are often times looked up to as role models for beautiful skin. Their beauty regimes and tips motivate individuals to look for better skincare products and treatments. Unfortunately, [...]

Removing Unwanted Ink with PicoSure Tattoo Removal

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Many individuals get tattoos to express themselves or remind them of a certain time period. It’s a representative of their beliefs and passions. However, as time passes, people change and develop a different perception towards the ink on their skin. Surgically removing tattoos is an unnerving option for individuals because of the painful procedures associated with [...]

Derma Tips for Skin Allergies: What You Should Know

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Your immune system goes into full panic-mode if something minor touches your skin. Skin allergies are your worst nemesis, and on numerous occasions have stopped you from enjoying the simplest pleasures of life. There are foods you have to avoid eating, metals you cannot wear, and skin products you cannot use. Eczema is one of the [...]

Debunking Common Facial Peel Myths

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The constant exposure to the sun, pollution in the air, and skin imperfections add years to our appearance. Instead of looking our age, we tend to look a decade older. There are plenty of products available online that promise ‘natural’ ingredients to fight back signs of ageing. But instead of delivering results, they cause acne breakouts [...]