Typical Summer Skincare Conditions & What to Do About Them

young woman washing her face with soap

Most people associate summer with vacations, cocktails under the scorching sun, and long night walks in the cool air. However, the summer is also a time for sweating, sunburns, and different skincare problems caused by the excess heat.

From treating sunburn to preventing skin issues due to shaving, here are helpful tips on how to deal with common summertime skincare conditions.

Razor Bumps

ingrown hair diagram

Razor bumps (also known as ingrown hairs) occur when your hairs get trapped and grow under the skin instead of outside. This unnatural growth direction causes inflammation, which shows up as redness and raised skin on the surface.

Since shaving is necessary at least every second day during the summer, razor bumps are more frequent during this time of the year. The ingrown hairs appear because of the movements of the razor, especially if the razor is of low quality and your skin is dry.

Luckily, you can prevent razor bumps pretty easily. You need to ensure your skin is moisturized while you shave. That way, the razor will be able to slide over your skin smoothly, and no ingrown hairs will appear. To achieve this, use shaving cream. You can also opt for laser hair removal for more permanent hair loss methods.

In addition, you need to change your razor blade frequently. If it isn’t sharp enough, it can cause damage to the skin.

Skin Chafing

Skin chafing occurs because of frequent contact of skin against skin or clothing. It mostly appears on your underarms, inner thighs, groin, and nipples. That is a big problem in the summer when you sweat excessively.

Prolonged friction of sweaty skin can cause your skin to break down and create a great entryway for bacteria, fungi, and so on.

To prevent skin chafing, you need to find a way to reduce the friction. You can do so by wearing moisture-wicking fabrics. In addition, you can apply moisture-absorbing powders or sprays to your skin.

Body Acne

Sweat also causes body acne. That only increases if you wear non-breathable materials such as polyester and nylon. These materials irritate your hair follicles, and the sweat only makes everything worse, leading to inflammation and acne.

To reduce body acne in the summer, you need to change some of your routines and habits. Firstly, you should try and change out of sweaty clothes as often as you can. Secondly, you should strive to wear natural and breathable materials when it is hot and you need to be outside, especially while working out.


If you spend too much time in direct sunlight without wearing sunscreen, you will get sunburnt. Depending on the severity of your burns, you can try several things to relieve your pain and discomfort. These include cold baths and applying ice on the burns, as well as soothing creams with aloe vera.

However, it is vital to prevent sunburns rather than treat them. So, make sure you never go out without applying sunscreen and that you wear protective gear such as hats and sunglasses. Finally, try to be outside as little as possible when the sun is at its peak.

Need More Skincare Tips?

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