How a Dermatologist Can Help You Permanently Eliminate Acne Problems

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One of the most common cases a dermatologist deals with is acne treatment. A decade or two ago, the acne issue was considered a “teen problem,” and people didn’t really pay much attention to it. Nowadays, however, due to busy modern lives we lead, we often feel stressed; naturally, there are consequences. It is often said that our exterior shows what is going on internally; we couldn’t agree more.

Millions of people experience the unpleasant problem of acne and acne scars, regardless of age. Having something on your skin that has become a part of you, and not being able to control it, can easily lead to frustration. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about the way we live in the modern era. However, there are things that we can manage, and ways to regain control of our skin.

Is It Time to See a Dermatologist?

Surprisingly, many people aren’t sure if their acne requires professional assistance. Some think they needn’t bother seeing a doctor about acne while others believe their problem isn’t serious enough. The truth is that the majority of people can benefit from seeing a skin specialist regarding their acne and acne scars.

If you feel like you have been battling acne for a long time on your own and still haven’t found anything that works, that might be a sign that you should visit a specialist. There is no need to feel bad if you haven’t found a solution for your acne. After all, you aren’t a professional.

Sometimes your acne clears, but you continue to see new breakouts. At times, your acne is deep and painful and accompanied by cysts and nodules. The time passes, but you can’t seem to understand why it keeps coming back, or why you have acne in the first place.

You might even feel ashamed of your skin and start avoiding numerous social gatherings because you don’t feel comfortable in your skin. Furthermore, if you have acne on your chest or back, that might make outdoor summer activities a nightmare.

The good news is that you don’t have to feel this way. With major advances in acne treatment, almost everyone can have clearer skin. If you have recognized yourself in any of these above-mentioned scenarios, it’s probably time to see a dermatologist. The sooner you book an appointment, the sooner your journey to clearer skin starts.

Acne Procedures and Treatments

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At The Dermatology and Laser Group in Manhattan, NY, we offer a variety of procedures for acne and acne scars. Depending on your skin and the type of acne you have, we customize your treatment in order to achieve the best results. Moreover, we make sure to establish the source of your acne, so that we can eliminate it for good.

In addition, we put a lot of thought into skin care. Both long-term and short-term skin care strategies are discussed. After successfully beating acne, we start dealing with minimizing scars and the damage left on your skin from acne. Here are some of the procedures and treatments we use to overcome acne:

Hydrafacial MD Medical Grade Facial

This facial includes a mild resurfacing procedure that provides deep cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and skin hydration. The result is significantly improved skin clarity. A great thing about this procedure is that you can see the results immediately, and there is no downtime or discomfort.

Chemical Peels

We provide chemical peels of various strengths, including SkinMedica Vitalize Peel. You will be able to notice changes even after the first peel; after three to six peels, you will see compelling results. Most people are amazed by acne improvement, minimized acne scars, and enhanced skin tone and texture.

Laser Treatments

To complement other remedies and speed up the process, we recommend laser treatments; the Palomar Icon MAXV laser is the ultimate answer. Even light treatments provided every other week will make a huge difference. Around eight treatments should be enough to see significant improvement in acne.

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

If your skin is badly scarred from acne and it is far from smooth, don’t worry – we can make it great again. Our laser will even out your skin surface and enhance the formation of new collagen filling in acne scars. Since the collagen you produce is natural and your own, the results you get are permanent.

Scar Excision

To those of you who experience severe scarring that is unresponsive to most treatments, we offer a surgical technique called scar excision. We can manage even the most stubborn and disfiguring scars. There’s no need to worry about sutures after the procedure; we can easily smooth suture lines with a few laser treatments.

Start Sooner Rather than Later

Dealing with acne requires some time and patience; nevertheless, it is a battle that almost everyone can win. With the right combination of procedures and customized skin care, you can finally have the skin of your dreams. Feel free to pay us a visit at The Dermatology and Laser Group; we are glad to help you get the skin you have always envisioned for yourself.