Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

female laser hair removal at medical clinic

Almost every woman in the world wishes for her unwanted hair to be gone forever. Although permanent hair removal was just a girl’s dream up until recently, now it’s actually quite possible. In addition, treatments are becoming more affordable.

However, we don’t hear questions like Is it possible? anymore, but Is it safe? This is a big concern for many people, as there are quite a few myths about laser hair removal that have been going around. The truth is that you need to go to reliable laser hair removal technicians that are experienced and use the latest laser technology. Many celebrities have done laser hair removal, but you don’t see them going to cheap or sketchy salons!

It seems to us that it’s quite necessary to separate the actual facts about laser hair removal from rumors and myths that are scaring people unnecessarily.

Safe or Risky?

Laser hair removal is actually a medical procedure that should be done by a trained professional. When that is the case, and when all conditions are by the book, then there’s little to worry about.

Therefore — to answer your question — laser hair removal treatments are indeed safe.

However, as with most procedures, here too exist potential side effects. In the end, the reaction to the treatments, if they are done properly, depends on you. Your skin, sensitivity, hair type — everything can be a factor.

You shouldn’t be discouraged by potential side effects — in most cases, after-effects don’t even appear. However, we’ll guide you through potential issues and we’ll go through them one by one.

Treatments Aren’t Painful

We’ll begin with one of the most commonly heard questions — Are treatments painful? In spite of the whispers online, the answer is no — the treatments are not painful. Even if you have a low pain threshold, you have no reason to fear.

As the majority of women scheduled a waxing appointment at least once in their lives, it’s probably the best parallel for comparison. The sensation you’ll feel during the laser treatments is quite similar to discomfort during waxing.

Also, have in mind that different areas of skin are more or less sensitive. So, you can expect some minor changes in pain there. In any case, the laser hair removal treatments last less than waxing appointments. Being that it’s faster, a laser treatment are also generally less painful.

Your Skin Needs to Heal

Your skin will react to the treatment in a day or two. When that happens, it’s quite important that you don’t panic — the reaction in the form of redness or slight irritation is normal. As a matter of fact, the after-effect isn’t that different than the one after waxing. For most people, the side effects are quite similar to dealing with a sunburn.

In order to understand why your skin is having a reaction, you should know how lasers work. These hair removal treatments have a long-lasting effect because laser beams reach the hair follicle and damage it. Due to this damage, follicles are unable to produce more hair.

Therefore, as hair follicles are hurt, your skin needs to heel. Chances are that the damage caused by laser beams will make your skin red and slightly irritated. We suggest that you use a soothing lotion — it’s best to consult your dermatologist about the right choice.

Protect Your Eyes

Although it seems a bit unrealistic, laser beams that can destroy hair follicles are actually powerful. If you don’t protect your eyes properly, the flashing beams can damage your eyesight.

For that reason, have in mind that protective eyewear should be on your eyes from the beginning and up until the end of the treatment. The same goes for the person behind the laser device.

Blisters Are Real

The success of your treatment, as well as the side effects, greatly depend on the laser operator. As we mentioned, laser beams are powerful and they should be used by a trained person.

In case you encountered someone with no experience, burns and blisters can appear on your skin after the laser treatment. The laser device can actually burn you if the operator handles it poorly. So, instead of a healthy healing process, you might be stuck with blisters.

Scars Can Appear

Again, whether or not you’ll end up with scars depends on the person behind the laser device. If that person isn’t qualified or experienced enough, they might make a mistake which can leave you with a scar. This is very rare, but still something to be aware of.

Make sure you do your due diligence and look at the reviews for the laser hair removal studio or medical clinic you’re considering visiting. If you see negative reviews about scarring, be very cautious.

Probable Skin Discoloration

Unlike burns and scars, you may expect a change of color on your skin. However, the change won’t be permanent.

If you have fair skin, the areas that were in touch with laser beams might get darker. Oppositely, people with darker skin may notice lighter tones. Skin discoloration happens because beams also affect your natural pigmentation.

Nevertheless, don’t worry — your skin color will go back to normal after some time. The duration of the period depends on your body.

Don’t Trust Myths or Rumors

There a lot of myths about laser hair removal that have been debunked by dermatologists and other laser hair removal professionals. One such myth is that people with darker skin tones cannot get laser hair removal. This is simply not the case! There are innovative laser hair removal devices that have eliminated this problem already.

As we already mentioned, the risks are practically non-existent when a trustworthy doctor or aesthetician is behind the laser.

So, if you’re wondering whether laser beams affect your fertility, the answer is no. Furthermore, some people consider cancer to be a consequence of laser treatments. Once again, you shouldn’t connect the two.

Although the laser is powerful enough to damage your sight, the beams do not reach your internal organs. As a matter of fact, the device reaches only the layer of your skin that contains follicles. Considering that your eyes are out in the open, unlike your uterus for example, the beams may harm them.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t trust myths and rumors. If you decide to schedule laser hair removal treatments, you shouldn’t fear any of the things we mentioned. Finally, if you have some questions, it’s always best to consult your dermatologist.

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