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Top 6 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Anyone who has tried waxing before knows how painful it can be! Well, laser hair removal is an alternative hair removal method that just works.

Forget shaving, life is easier with laser hair removal. Here are our top 6 benefits of laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Is Precise

Sure, we all know someone who can apparently shave or wax with surgeon-like precision. For the rest of us, the day usually begins with noticing stray hairs the moment it’s too late to go back home. Naturally, the rest of the day revolves around self-consciousness, insecurity, and eventually — anxiety.

If you can’t even count the number of times that happened to you, we suggest that you really think about laser hair removal. The top of the laser device is the size of a quarter. Before your treatment, you can instruct a trained professional about what areas you want them to cover. The results will be incredibly precise — the quarter-sized laser beam doesn’t miss anything.

It’s a Safe Medical Procedure

Similarly to what we just discussed, home treatments sound like a willful masochistic maneuver to unskilled people. If you belong to the clumsy group, you know that home hair removal treatments involve cuts, scratches, burns, and spills more often than not.

Laser hair removal is a safe procedure. In order for someone to be able to operate a laser device, they need to go through thorough training. During training, a person is taught more than just how to operate the device.

It’s not that there’s just one type of laser hair removal device — there are several. Some devices are designed for people with sensitive skin. Oppositely, there’s a category of more powerful laser devices that can get rid of persistent hairs.

Fast Results, Short Treatments

If you commit to laser hair removal, you’ll be free of unwanted hair in up to seven treatments. The more fortunate people need only three.

To explain — the number of treatments you’ll need depends on three different factors:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Laser

Naturally, you also need to do your research and make sure that the treatments are done by a trained professional. In case you don’t do a small background check, an inexperienced operator of the laser device can become a serious problem.

If we exclude that factor, the number of your treatments really depends on your genes and the laser device.

Smooth Skin — Potentially Forever

Interestingly enough, a number of people who go through laser treatments don’t have to give unwanted hair a second thought. In case you belong to that group of people born under a lucky star, you won’t have to book a single waxing appointment ever again.

More often than not, people notice some hair regrowth after a period of six months. If that happens to you, you’ll notice very thin, weak, barely visible hair on your skin. Moreover, it won’t grow as it used to. After laser treatment, unwanted hair will be quite rare.

Another regrowth time is also an option — you may notice some hair after a year. Again, that hair will be almost unnoticeable.

To make your skin smooth and silky again, just make another appointment. You shouldn’t shave or wax because that makes the hair roots stronger. Besides, chances are that the new appointment will be in the up to sevenpredicted ones.

You’ll Save a Fortune in the Long Run

Costs of beauty salon treatments and products for DIY hair removal don’t seem like a lot of money on a monthly basis. It’s a dozen or a couple of dozen of bucks here and there. However, if you put all those costs on a list and calculate first monthly costs, then a yearly sum, and then a five-year bill, you’ll get an interesting amount.

Although laser hair removal treatment prices might seem steep at first, they are quite the opposite of that once you look at the long-term situation. You do not have to be rich or a celebrity. Even if you’re not one of those people who will never regrow hair again — you’ll save a lot of money.

In case you notice some unwanted hair after a year or seven, you can just return to the salon and get rid of them with probably a single treatment. We see laser hair removal treatments as an investment that will keep paying off for the rest of your lifetime.

No More Planning Around Waxing

Waxing appointments and shaving habits need to be coordinated with all big events in your life — even the ones you can’t plan. Some people have repetitive problems with scheduling waxing at the right moment.

Usually, it’s too early to make an appointment so you need to wait for unwanted hair to grow. As it often happens, the most critical part between two appointments is when weddings, birthdays, and other big celebrations happen. So, we turn to shaving — which can be quite problematic for people with sensitive skin.

None of these problems will be in your head if you decide to have your unwanted hair removed by laser. You can wear any outfit that comes to your mind whenever you like. It sounds very freeing, doesn’t it?

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